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Author Fest 2015 at Powell’s

Finn Fancy Force-omancy

This IS the book you’re looking for!

Was part of Author Fest on Sunday at Powell’s Books in Cedar Hills, and enjoyed seeing so many friends and great writers, as well as Portland folks who’d bought my book or been to my Powell’s reading, and lots of new readers.  It was, all in all, a decent turn out and an enjoyable 2 hours.

Additional pictures after the jump.  Authors included:

Annie Bellet, Alma Alexander, Devon Monk, Barb & J. C. Hendee, Mark Ferrari, Shannon Page, Brent Weeks, Claude Lalumiere, Camille Alexa, Wendy Wagner, David Levine, Mike Moscoe/Shepherd, Jason Hough, Ken Scholes, J. A. Pitts, Patrick Swenson, Leah Cutter, Blaze Ward, Tina Connolly, Dean Wesley Smith, Kristine Kathryn Rusch, Annie Bellet, Fonda Lee, Jason Gurley, Kristi Charish, Laura Ann Gilman, Randy Henderson, Django Wexler, and Jennifer Brozek.

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What a terrible week. As usual, there are folks quickly navigating to extremist positions (Thanks, Obama, for freeing terrorists!) (Thanks, Bush, for invading Iraq and creating ISIS!) (Not all Muslims are terrorists, but the “real” terrorists all seem to be Radical Islamists…)

Yes, I imagine this next week will see the inevitable debates between the extremist left and extremist right over where to lay blame for these recent attacks (in addition to those extremist Islamists of course — extremism and dogma are real problems over THERE).

I just want to make my plea for reason and kindness, and open minds. A problem can have more than one cause, and more than one solution, and laying blame seems to me more a cause than a solution. Understanding causes to prevent repeat of mistakes is one thing. Pointing fingers to score points for your team is another.

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While I hate promoting myself, I just have to mention that January 2016 is the absolute perfectest month to read my “dark and funny” contemporary fantasy novel from Tor Books​, FINN FANCY NECROMANCY.

* Reviews describe it as a fast paced and fun read full of laughs, laughs and more laughs — a great way to stave off those post-holiday winter blues!

* It comes out in paperback January 5th, and you will have all those gift cards to spend!  Or you can get the Hardback for nearly the same price earlier.

* The sequel, BIGFOOTLOOSE AND FINN FANCY FREE, comes out in February!

* If your book club is within reasonable driving distance, I’ll happily come join your discussion of the book if you’d like, and answer any questions you have!

* If your book club is in distant lands, or is online, I will happily participate in any online Ask Me Anything-style discussion you set up.

So when you all go to vote for what to read in January, might I humbly suggest that Finn Fancy Necromancy is, if not the best choice, then the even besterest choice!

Finn Fancy Tor Cover

Finn Fancy Tor Cover


Bigfootloose Cover

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Fun Little AMA on /r/Fantasy

While at Sasquan, I sat at the /r/Fantasy table for a bit and participated in a live AMA (Ask Me Anything).  It was short, but I had a lot of fun with it, as is obvious from my answers :)

Here’s the link: https://www.reddit.com/r/Fantasy/comments/3hwhal/sasquan_ama_melting_your_face_off_randy_henderson/


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My social media feeds are chock-a-block full of posts from writers promoting the books they’ve written and published or had published.

I just want to pause a minute and point out why this is actually frakking AWESOME!  And say how AWESOME all of you writers and artists and creators are.  And what an awesome and wonderful time we live in!  And no, I’m not (just) high on caffeine and sugar right now!

You"re Awesome!


And now, I’m going to get deep for a sec to explain why I think you’re all awesome.

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Writers of the Future Promo Vid

Here’s a copy of the Writers of the Future video that was shown during the big awards show this past April, which shares a few glimpses of my own experience there.  If you watch it, I’m sure you’ll find more than a few things interesting, humorous, and/or educational, but I’ll just speak to the parts in which I’m featured.

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Randy’s Awesome Worldcon / Sasquan Schedule

Hey gang!  If you’re going to be at Worldcon / Sasquan, please come visit me at my panels, reading, and/or kaffee klatche!  


The Goonies look on in amazement as Randy reads from his novel


Sasquan 2015

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Write-a-Thon and Sammy Story Excerpt

All, I have been shamefully neglectful in asking for donation to the Clarion West write-a-thon. Please, go to the website and donate a little something. It supports the creation of a wonderful diversity of amazing future authors. And I’m offering a prize. And now, a snippet from a Finn Fancy-related short story I’ve been writing during the write-a-thon, featuring Finn’s sister Sammy and set in 2003:

Sammy paced the small waiting room between the small sofa and the wall-mounted television, less than eager to confront Bishop Freedom. A unicorn posing as a televangelist. What a frakked up world she lived in.

Of course they had the TV going full volume, the power cord inaccessible and the control panel apparently super-glued shut. Sammy watched Freedom strutting about on stage with his white hair helmet and perfectly even smile.

“… again, what is the greater sin?” Bishop Freedom demanded. “To allow a condom, or to allow easily preventable disease and death? What is the greater sin, to …”

It annoyed Sammy to the point of pissed-offedness that Bishop Freedom used arguments she actually agreed with, given that his true motives were hardly noble.
Sammy pulled out her Palm Pilot, slid an infrared beamer into the SD slot, programmed the PDA as a remote and shut the damn TV off.

It wasn’t that she disagreed with his message, but rather his motives. Unicorns, witches and several other feybloods were well known for feeding somehow on virgins, but less known was that women who’d simply never gotten preggers served them nearly as well. Something about conception, not to mention STDs, changed whatever energy in a woman such creatures fed upon. And two things that had been proven to cause a hell of a lot of pregnancy and disease were bans on contraception, and telling a bunch of horny teenagers to “just say no”. So of course Bishop Freedom condemned the religions and politics that promoted such frakked up policies, but he didn’t do so because they were morally wrong or bass-ackwards in their thinking, and certainly not out of concern for the women; he did so because they screwed with his food source.

Originally posted at my Mirror Blog at: http://www.randy-henderson.com/2015/07/writeathon-and-excerpt/

You’ve written a novel?  CONGRATULATIONS!  So … now what?  Did you make it as gooder as you can get it?  Well then, it’s time to consider sharing it with the world!

But which path should you take to fame and riches?  Let’s start with another fun flow diagram, then I’ll get into the nitty-gritty details.  I think I’ve practically compiled a small book here, so, enjoy!

Publishing Options





How Do Traditional Publishers Pay Me?

I Want a Six Figure Advance!

You’ve Gotta Fight for your Rights to Party

How Many Books Do I Have to Sell to be “Successful” Traditional Style?

How Do Used Books and Libraries Affect Me?

What about File Sharing?

What’s a “Big 5″ vs Small /Indie Press vs Vanity /Subsidy Press?

The Traditional Publishing Process



Some Food for Thought Before We Proceed

But Wait, There’s More:

How Does Self-Publishing Pay Me?

How Many Books do I Have to Sell if Self-Published?

The Self-Publishing Process




As always, please feel free to sign up for my newsletter at the bottom of the page (or send me an email if signup bar not visible) to receive additional tips, as well as exclusive Finn Fancy content.

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Over the next couple of weeks I’ll be posting some info on how to become a novelist.  Here’s the first, an infodumpographic and general Q&A on the first step — write a novel.

Why?  Well, careful scientific studies have revealed that the number one reason for not having a novel published is, in fact, not finishing a novel.  A lot of writers struggle to get past this step, but I hope this information helps.


How big is this mountain I must climb? (How long is a novel?)

Are we there yet? (How long does it take to write a novel?)

How many millions will I make from my books and movie deals?

Seems easy enough, you just … Oooo, cat videos!

Don’t Stop Believin

Is a novel like a long short story?

I finished! Now what?

Writing a Novel


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About QuantuMAge University - Read This or Suffer in Ignorance!

Welcome current and future students!

We here at QuantuMAge University are way cool. Let's just get that fact out there right up front.

Our curriculum is built around speculative fiction (Fantasy, Science Fiction, Horror, etcetera) and aims to imbue you with god-like wisdom through such courses as:

  • Movie reviews better than those other guys' reviews 101
  • Genre-related social commentary 101
  • Book and story reviews 101
  • Role-Playing game observations 101
  • Musings on genre trends 101
  • Random genre-related thoughts 101
  • Updates and tips on writing genre fiction (an ongoing lecture course based on my real-world adventures) ... er, 101.

Perhaps someday we'll even add some 200 level courses. But probably not. That sounds like work.

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